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This exercise was done in a group with three other colleagues as part of a semester project. I acted as the technical lead and collaborated with a UI/UX designer, a 3D modeler, and a copywriter.


Implementing digital technology as part of the brand design.

Since this project was to fulfill the requirements of a Digital Media Masters degree, we felt it necessary to include a digital component. Furthermore, a simple website felt insufficient, and as we had the resource of a 3D modeler, we planned for an augmented reality experience.

Nobody in the group had any experience creating AR, so I became accountable for creating it. I used Unity with Vuforia to execute this.

Implementing customizations to the AR experiences would require the modification of the C# codebase. This would be my first experience coding anything with language.


We were able to include two AR prototypes with our final presentation. The first concept was a dice game that would suggest additional tourist attractions for players to visit.

Two dice with mappable surfaces
Augmented dice that promote Area 51

The second concept was an interactive map.

Specific sites are manually triggered to reveal attraction information

As a group, we were also able to implement a cohesive gif instructional for how to use the system.