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React.js Loan Application


Design and develop a loan application for a credit union.

As the full-service agency to this specific client, we proposed an update of their existing loan application process in an attempt to simplify and humanize the experience.

Example of clean UI & conversational text


The exiting interface was cluttered and intimidating

For the most part, we would need to collect all of the same data as the existing application portal. This meant that we had to reference it and segment it in order to achieve a cohesive user experience.

For various technical and strategic reasons, it was necessary to integrate the app with third-party APIs

I was tasked with matching the validation of the existing loan application utility as a prerequisite for passing application data to an intermediary API built by the credit union’s IT team.

It was also necessary to generate leads for abandoned and completed applications. This meant utilizing the Marketo API to capture and automate actions from loan applicant contact info.


A bite-sized conversational application with a clean UI

The new experience passed unique data to personalize the experience along with friendlier language. For example, “Hi [Applicant’s Name]! Let’s get started.”

Breaking the application into parts, including a progress bar, and the addition of delightful moments inarguably improved the user experience for the credit union’s loan application process.

Concept for successful loan application completion

Seamless integration with CRM & loan application service

After a long QA process, the client-side validation matched that of loan application API. Additionally, I successfully captured leads and appropriately categorized them in the client’s CRM.